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Our Network of Trial Sites

Taken together the TAP and IMPACT networks have recruited more than 2,000 patients to practice informing drug and transplant studies led by UK investigators, resulting in high impact publications which have informed clinical practice worldwide. They play an important role in accelerating patient access to innovative therapies and incrementally improve standards of care.

ACT can provide immediate access to this comprehensive network of 27 established research sites across the UK embedded within the NHS. The geographical distribution ensures a diverse and representative demographic of patients with a catchment population of over 20 million.

The TAP network specialises in the delivery of trials of new drugs and combinations in haemato-oncology. Since its formation, 23 pioneering trials have opened and accrued more than 1100 patients, generating globally significant results for blood cancer treatment.

ACT funds and has expanded the TAP network from 12 to 15 centres with additional affiliated centres providing extensive geographical coverage of the UK.

Prof. Chris Fox
Medical Director

Dr Pramila Krishnamurthy
Deputy Medical Director

Prof. Steven Knapper
Deputy Medical Director

The specialised haematologists leading the studies in each centre are leaders in their field and many are globally recognised experts

The IMPACT network focuses on stem cell transplant (SCT) and cellular therapy trials and is one of only two SCT trials networks globally. Since its inception, 7 trials have opened and accrued more than 900 patients.

ACT funds 12 IMPACT centres and utilises additional affiliated centres spread widely across the UK.

Prof. Ronjon Chakraverty
Medical Director

Dr Wendy Ingram
Deputy Medical Director

Dr Victoria Potter
Deputy Medical Director