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Key Partners

DIDACT Foundation (DF) is a registered charity that was founded by senior academic haematologists in order to optimise the delivery of UK blood cancer trials.

DIDACT Foundation works closely, but not exclusively, with ACT. It engages with members of the academic haematology community and other relevant stakeholders like the blood cancer charities, patients and patient advocacy groups with the aim of prioritising trials that address the most important unmet clinical needs. Thus, it serves as a crucible for discussion of future blood cancer trial opportunities.

Can act as the Sponsor of investigator-initiated trials.

Plays a pivotal role in sustaining trial delivery by providing education and training opportunities for clinicians, nurses and associated medical practitioners working in the field of blood cancer.

DF will provide an independent vehicle for the reinvestment of surplus income generated by ACT into projects that support the aim of improving the lives and outcomes for people with blood cancer.